LIC #resist members: here’s how to see what our Congresswoman Maloney is up to

If you have been part of any of the many, many #resist groups around LIC, you should be aware that our most direct representative is Carolyn Maloney in the US House. About a million people in her district.

This is her:


She votes on impeachment. She votes on taxes. She is up for re-election in about 18 months.

If you have been reading up on approaches that actually work, like the Tea Party’s crusade against Obama, then you may have read the Indivisible Guide here.

The basic tip is: stop dreaming about flipping Kentucky, go to the person in your district and demand that they do the best possible job representing you.

Call and go in person, go in a group, take video, and just ask for what you want. Don’t be satisfied.

Even someone who is reliably in the column you like — like Maloney’s safe democratic voting record — which is not a record of leadership in the party. Just some bills sponsored here and there while folks like Velazquez and Nadler and Jefferies and others in the NYC delegation are rattling cages and taking to the ramparts.

Go to one of her offices.

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