The Laughing Devil Rocks the Mic in LIC


News: The emergence of The Laughing Devil Comedy Club in the NYC scene, and what that is doing for comedy in Queens.

LDC opened 6 months ago – and despite seating just 50 people and paying comedians more than all other NYC clubs (with lower drink prices), they tell LICNYC they’ve turned a profit every month they have been in business.

Regulars include Judah Friedlander, Todd Barry, and Ted Alexandro. Comedians like The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal have now started playing. And LDC hosted an international comedy festival that sold out every show.

Mentions on everything from Opie & Anthony to VH1, and regular industry attendees include the bookers for Fallon and Letterman.

Some comedians are even moving to Long Island City to be closer to the club.

In the works: a development stage around the corner to accomodate open mics, sketch, and improv.

How great is that?

The comedians agree apparently. Some quotes from them.



“The Laughing Devil embodies everything that a New York comedy club should be.  Audiences get to share an intimate space with world famous comedians and feel the full power of their performance.”
-Pete Lee
“I love the Laughing Devil. It’s so intimate everyone in the club can pick up on all the little nuances in a great performance.  It’s the kind of club that young comedians picture in their imaginations when they’re daydreaming about what real comedy is like.”

-Dave Goldstein
“Other clubs appeal to the college crowd, The Laughing Devil appeals to the grad student crowd.  You don’t have to worry about your jokes going over their head. They get everything.”
-Steve Marshall

“The best New York comics right in your backyard.”
-Michael Somerville

The fact no other club asked me for a quote and the Laughing Devil did. Makes me really want to give a quote. So my quote is, I can’t come up with a quote but I’m happy I was asked.”

-Rich Vos
“I had a wonderful time, the management was professional and organized and the audiences were enthusiastic and attentive.  It was a perfect place to try out my latest 1 hour special.” 

-Gary Gulman
“What makes this club wonderful, is it has a great neighborhood feel.  It has a lot of neighborhood locals.  Most people are not tourists, so you can really do your material.  I love “Sympathy for the Devil” opening theme.  The staff is always professional and friendly. And it’s so close to the city, and a nice area.  I enjoy working there very much, and look forward to it growing and being one of the main clubs in NYC.”  – Vanessa Hollingshead


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